At Beefeater, we seriously understand barbecues.

Founded in 1984, we’ve been making these authentic Aussie icons for more than 20 years. So naturally, we’re pretty good at it. We make them beautiful. We make them tough. And the quality? Just sensational. We also make them modular. We’re clever like that, so you can even build your own.

We’re the largest independent barbecue manufacturer in Australia. Certified to American, Australian & CE standards, BeefEater’s high quality barbecues are now sold around the world in markets including the US, imgBBQharborEurope, the Middle East, Asia and NZ.

The same characteristics that make us proud to be Australian also inspire us to strive for the reputation of Australia’s leading barbecue. With a philosophy to manufacture the highest quality porcelain enamel and stainless steel barbecues available, the BeefEater trade mark is more than just a ‘brand’; it’s our reputation. A reputation built on outstanding durability, faultless performance, functional design and stylish looks.

With BeefEater, you’ve got a mate for life!

Signature 3000E – 4 Burner


Signature 3000E – 5 Burner


Signature 3000S – 4 Burner


Signature 3000S – 5 Burner


Signature 3000SS – 4 Burner


Signature 3000SS – 5 Burner


Signature SL4000 – 4 Burner


Signature SL4000 – 5 Burner


Beefeater Proline TM 6 Burner Built in with Hood

Beefeater BE Proline 6 Burner

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