Weber Premium

World’s Premium Gas Barbecues

Weber gas barbecues come with a unique cooking system that out performs the world’s best.

Spirit Range

Designed with Weber’s patented Flavorizer cooking system, the new Weber Spirit can of course grill great steaks, chops and sausages on the porcelain coated cast iron grill, all with that famous Weber flavour. But why stop there? The Spirit will cook magnificent crackling pork, beautiful roasts and even bake desserts and cakes. And, because the Spirit’s clever burner system means there are no cold spots, you can comfortably cook for up to 12 people. The new Weber Spirit is a compact and affordable Weber premium gas barbecue that will cook memorable food and stand the test of time.

Genesis Range

When we were developing the new Genesis gas barbecues at our factory, a bloke in marketing nick-named it “the barbecue in tails”. We reckon he had it pretty right, because at Weber, we’ve never made a classier looking barbecue than this.

Summit Range

The first time you set eyes on a Summit barbecue, you know it’s something very special, it has such a commanding appearance. Its brilliant styling and superb finish make ordinary gas barbecues look exactly that: ordinary.

When you purchase either a four or six burner Summit barbecue, it will be delivered to your door by a qualified Weber service technician, who will install, test, and explain the operations to you.

Weber Genesis 11 Coming Soon Late July 2017

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Weber Spirit E-210


Weber Spirit E310


Weber Spirit E 210-Premium

46110001B13 2013 Weber Spirit E210 Gas Grill LP Black Product Facing Right

Weber Spirit E-310 Premium


Weber Spirit E-330 Premium

46810001C 2016 Weber Spirit E330 Gas Grill Black LP Product Facing Right

Genesis E310


Genesis E330


Summit E470


Summit E670


Summit Inbuilt E460


Summit Inbuilt E660


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