Green Mountain Grills

The highly anticipated pellet grills from Green Mountain Grills, have now arrived in Australia. Affordable, easy to use, chemical-free and with a flavour that is unsurpassed, we know you’re going to love grilling with GMG.

We discovered something we loved, REALLY loved…

It was grilling with pellets (it’s just so much better than either charcoal or gas!)

But when we found out our own pellet grill needed improving, so we built our own. And we were so impressed with the performance of our designs that we decided to start our own company!

Fast forward some years and Green Mountain Pellet Grills are now the top-of-line, the “best-of-the-best” yet not the highest in price!

Davey Crockett Pellet Grill

Daniel Boone Prime Pellet Grill

Jim Bowie Pellet Grill

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