The Australian Barbeque is a huge tradition in our culture, we love them.

We look forward to our weekend breaks and the great Aussie barbie is such a part of our leisure time. Classic Fireplaces & Barbeques offers a complete range ready for your outdoor needs from small portable sizes to backyard professional installed barbeques.

Know what you’re buying. If it doesn’t say Big Green Egg, it isn’t!
The highly anticipated pellet grills from Green Mountain Grills, have now arrived in Australia. Affordable, easy to use, chemical free and with a flavour that is unsurpassed, we know you’re going to love grilling with GMG.
HARK is a growing Australian brand covering all things Grill, Roast & Smoke. Formed in 2003, we design, manufacture and wholesale a wide range of outdoor BBQ cooking units and accessories throughout Australia.
Heatlie Engineering was founded in 1976 and our solid hotplate bbqs and outdoor gas cooking appliances have become the benchmark in quality cooking products.
Over 50 years ago, the first Weber kettle was built and it has changed Australian’s attitudes towards barbecuing forever. For the first time, Weber’s indirect cooking system allowed ordinary people to roast whole joints of meat with delicious barbecue flavour.
The Exciting new Genesis Series 11 range for 2019-20 IT’S NOT JUST EVOLUTION–IT IS A REVOLUTION
Reset your expectations Introducing the reinvention of electric powered, authentic outdoor cooking, and the future of the classic barbecue. The Weber Pulse™ series of electric barbecues are targeted towards those who want an incredible barbecue experience, with all of the efficiency and simplicity of electric power.  
The Weber Q series has 7 models including new inbuilts.
The new and exciting Weber Summit Grilling centre

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