Big Green Egg 2XL/XL/L/M rEGGulator Vent Cap

Suitable with these EGGs: 2XL, XL, L, M, S, MX

Precise temperature control at your fingertips
Made of durable cast iron with a proprietary super pre-seasoned finish for greater weather resistance
Silicone adjustment tab is cool to the touch throughout cook
Completely shuts off EGG when fully closed
Designed for permanent placement on the EGG dome; does not need to be removed after cooking
Designed for all weather use; keeps rain out when not in use –eliminating the need for a ceramic damper top
Fully open vent allows 50% greater airflow than the traditional Dual Function Metal Top
Mating surface is designed to minimise ‘sticking’ when cold
Designed to work with the optional Rain Cap

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