Nectre heaters are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia to suit all residential and commercial needs from our traditional range through to the more contemporary models to suit townhouse or apartment living. Our 40 year history is rich in tradition, quality and timeless designs, that’s why Nectre is the number one choice when designing a new home, replacing an existing heating source or adding a stylish and functional piece to your home.

While many of Australians enjoy the warmth and unique style of the renowned Nectre Wood Heaters, not everybody wants to chop wood, start the fire and clean up all the ash. Take one look at this Gas Log Fire constructed from solid steel (versus sheet metal) and its cast iron door and you know it can only be a Nectre. This Nectre provides penetrating radiant warmth using conventional gas supplemented by fan forced convection heat. your home.

Gas Log Fire 2000


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