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Gas Log Fire Specialists

If you are in the market for a gas log fire, then look no further than Classic Fireplaces & Barbeques in Geelong - we are the experts in gas log fires.

Our mission is to provide quality gas log fires and expert advice at competitive prices. Not only that, but we’re strong supporters of Australian-made and manufactured products, as well as providing products manufactured in New Zealand and the United States - and we always do our best to supply a huge range of gas fireplaces to our customers.

A gas log fireplace is the perfect choice for a cosy home fire. Not only does a gas log fire provide warmth and ambiance, but a gas log fireplace also burns more efficiently than electric or wood fireplaces, meaning it will be cheaper to run and last longer with fewer repairs. A gas log fire is an efficient and cost-effective way to stay warm, while adding that special ambiance that only a log fire can provide.

Our team of gas log fireplace experts can help you select the perfect gas log fire for your home so you can create a special space that perfectly suits your needs. Plus, we always have a wide range of fireplaces in stock, so we're confident that we can help you find what you're looking for fast!

We can also recommend expert installers so that you can enjoy your gas log fire as soon as possible!

Are You Building?

We are here to help you choose a gas log fireplace for your new home. We invite you to bring in your plans and our team will be able to offer you a range of suggestions based on your design and needs.

Are You Renovating?

Renovations are exciting but can be stressful! We can help make it easier by assisting you to choose a gas log fire that will suit the new design and decor you have chosen.

Are You Replacing?

If you're replacing an old gas or wood fire, we can help you to choose the right gas log fire for your existing space. Your area's measurements are all we need to get started!

Gas Log FireFeatures


Gas log fires create the look and feel of a real log fire, while being more environmentally friendly and costing less to run. Gas log fires are also more efficient than electric heating, saving you money on energy bills.


A gas log fire can add a stylish, modern or traditional look to your home while also keeping you and your family warm. Our gas log fires come in a wide range of styles and designs from classic, freestanding and inbuilt models, to sleek, modern inbuilt designs. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes and colours that will match your existing decor or help to inspire the interior design of your new home or renovation.

Ease ofUse

Our gas log fires are easy to use and control, so you can maintain a comfortable temperature in the home no matter how cold it is outside.


Gas log fires run on natural gas or on LPG, so you can enjoy them no matter where you live. It's also possible to install a gas log fire in existing fireplaces if the conditions are suitable.

Gas Log FireBenefits

Cost LessNo Mess

Gas log fires are a great option for those who want the look and feel of a real log fire but don't want to deal with all of the mess and expense. They're also environmentally friendly, costing less to run than electric heating, and they quickly warm your room so you can start enjoying the cosy fireplace atmosphere right away.


Gas log fires offer a low maintenance solution to your heating needs. You get the benefit of a log fire without the need to find, order and split messy wood. And because you don't have to keep wood dry, or wait for it to begin burning, you'll be warm in no time.


Because they use gas and heat your space quickly, our gas log fires are energy efficient - so you will save on your heating bills while protecting the environment from smoke, pollutants and the energy needed to cut and transport wood.

If you are looking to install a gas fire in your new home, replace your existing fireplace, or add a to your new renovation, gas log fires are a great option because they offer one of the most attractive, efficient and easy-to-install heating solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gas log fires use a lot of gas?

A gas log fire generally uses less energy than electric or wood heaters to warm a given area.

The actual amount of gas that a gas log fire uses depends on several factors:

  • The model size and rating of the gas log fire that you require for your area
  • How well the area is insulated
  • How often you use the gas log fire to heat the room from its coldest point

Our gas log fire experts can help you to work out how much gas your new gas log fire will use based on all of these factors - so come in and speak with our team today!

Are gas log fires expensive to run?

Gas log fireplaces are not expensive to operate - in fact, they can be quite cost-effective. The gas log fires that we supply and recommend are not only fuel efficient, but they also produce very few emissions compared to other forms of heating. If you're looking for an efficient log fireplace that will keep your home cosy during cold weather, then a gas log fireplace is perfect for you!

What are the best gas log fires?

We believe that the best gas log fires are those built for Australian conditions.

  • Cannon gas log fires are manufactured right here in Geelong and offer a range that has a level of craftsmanship that some other companies cannot offer.
  • Coonara gas log fires are manufactured in Australia and are available as inbuilt or freestanding units.
  • Our Escea gas log fires are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and combine cutting edge design with high efficiency and innovative technology.
  • We also recommend and supply Heat & Glo gas log fires. Heat & Glo has been keeping Australian homes warm and cosy for over 20 years.
Which is cheaper to run: a gas fire or an electric fire?

Heating your home with gas is usually cheaper than using electricity. Even the most efficient electric heaters will be a bigger drain on your finances than a gas log fire. Boost your savings even more by choosing a gas log fire with a higher efficiency rating.

How to Choose the Right Gas Log Fire

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right gas log fireplace for your home:

  • Size and Shape - You'll want to choose a gas log fireplace that is the right size and shape for your home and that fits well in your space.
  • Freestanding or built in - Certain models are designed as freestanding gas log fires, while others may be inbuilt into existing cabinets or walls.
  • Style - There are a variety of styles available including traditional, modern and transitional designs.
  • Finish - Choose a finish that suits your decor and budget.
  • Location - Make sure you think about where you would like your gas log fire to be so that it can efficiently warm the right space in your home.
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