Baby Q Series

Big enough to roast an entire chicken, yet compact in size to pack in the boot of your car.

Q Series

Generous cooking space for everyday barbecuing, yet is small enough to easily carry to the beach.

Family Q Series

Large cooking area for catering a big backyard party or barbecuing any day of the week.

Choose the RightWeber QFor You

Classic Fireplaces & Barbeques' range of Weber Q barbeque grills are a favourite of outdoor cooking enthusiasts and are one of our most popular types of barbeques. They're absolutely one of our personal favourites! Their popularity is unprecedented because of their well-built, strong, ground-breaking design, superior cooking features and world-renowned versatility. They are the perfect solution for your outdoor cooking needs and come in a diverse range of models with powerful features that will suit your needs. The Weber Q range of gas grills is the ultimate barbecue for you.

If you are looking for an outdoor cooking solution that is both powerful and versatile and yet easy to use and maintain, the Weber Q range of barbeques is perfect for you. The Weber Q range comes in a selection of sizes and can accommodate large meals or small appetisers easily. They offer high performance features that make cooking easy, fast and fun - making them perfect for your backyard barbecue needs. Thanks to their great design, Weber Q gas grills offer superior cooking performance compared with other models on the market today. They deliver consistent heat and airflow so that your food cooks perfectly every time. Versatility is the key to a Weber Q. You'll be able to serve up a veritable feast of flavours, including mouth-watering pizzas, roasts, fish, beef, chicken, cakes, muffins, and entire meals for any time of day and every occasion.

Family Q Built-In Series

Turn your outdoor kitchen into a masterpiece.

With such a versatile range of Weber Q Gas Barbeques to choose from,  how do you know which 
one is right for you?

It's important to explore our range and consider the following: Size, portability, features, colour, price and accessories. Ask yourself what you’ll mostly be using your Weber Q for, how often you plan to cook and for how many, and if it’s for use exclusively at home or if you plan to take it on the road. Explore our Weber Baby Q series, Weber Q series, Weber Family Q series, Weber Family Built-ins, and Weber Q accessories right here... or if you're unsure of which Weber Q is right for you, then we invite you to visit Classic Fireplaces & Barbeques in Geelong to speak with our friendly experts about your new Weber Q today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Weber Q sizes are there?

The Weber Q comes in various sizes across the range of types. Across the entire selection of models there are three basic sizes, each perfect for a range of uses and needs, whether it’s for a small family with a backyard barbeque in mind, or a large outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests. Most models are portable and some are perfect for transporting to your favourite camping or picnic locations.

What's the difference between Weber Q and Weber Q Premium?

Premium models of Weber Q barbeques feature a built in thermometer and an electric igniter (instead of a push-button igniter) as well as some other features. All Weber Q barbeques will give you that classic Weber kettle taste that they are famous for and that outdoor cooking enthusiasts have come to love about the Weber Q.

What's the difference between Weber Q 1000 and 2000?

The main differences between the Weber Q1000 and Weber Q2000 are size and portability: the Q1000 is more compact and portable, while the Weber Q2000 is 5kg heavier at 16kg. The Weber Q2000 has a 33 percent larger cooking area than the Q1000 and the Q2000 delivers 33 percent more heat output.

Why is Weber Q so good?

Weber Q Series barbeques offer versatility alongside Weber’s much loved and lauded cooking system. With the right accessories, Weber Q barbeques can cook anything from sausages and steaks to roast chickens and even cakes! This is due to the way the specially designed system circulates the flavour filled heated air within the kettle.

Do you clean your Weber Q after every use?

While it is important to keep your Weber in great shape so that it's ready for the next cooking adventure, and to ensure it lasts for years, you don't need to clean the entire barbeque after every use. You should always clean and wipe away excess food and anything that is perishable from the surface of your Weber and ensure that it's dry before storing or transporting it. Keep in mind that any food stuff that attracts insects and animals to your Weber while it's not being used should be cleaned. The grill itself is subject to excess grease that builds up over time and should be cleaned properly every four to five cooking sessions depending on how greasy it is. Drip pans also need to be regularly changed in order to keep your Weber clean, hygienic and safe. Our number one tip is, if it looks or smells dirty, then it IS dirty! You want to prepare and cook food on a clean surface and cooking area for your family and guests safety - so use your in-built Weber sense to instinctively gauge when your Weber needs to be cleaned! At Classic Fireplaces and Barbeques, we stock a range of Weber Care Accessories to help you keep your Weber barbeque in tip-top working order so that it's clean and ready to go every time you embark on a new cooking adventure!

How long does a Weber Q last?

A Weber Q will give you many years of barbequing pleasure providing you clean and maintain it regularly. Weber Q barbeques are sturdy, durable and are built to last.

How the Weber Q Cooking System Works

The Weber Q cooking system is an evolution of the original and legendary Weber kettle. Almost everyone in Australia is familiar with Weber kettles - they're famous for their delicious roasts and unique flavours that you can't achieve with any other barbeque. However, you may not know how the famous taste is created. The flavour is produced when the smoke emitted whilst roasting the food is circulated around the kettle and then permeates the food being cooked. This is a unique Weber kettle trait and it’s what made the Weber kettle a world-famous icon. Unsurprisingly, Weber's team of developers made it a goal to reproduce this special system of flavour enhancement when they were designing the Weber Q series of barbeques. This is the reason why the Weber Q series is best operated with the lid down, even when grilling a sausage or steak - to seal in the barbeque smoke so that it circulates around the food within, infusing the mouth-watering flavours into your favourite meals. It's all about the natural convection and airflow that moves around imparting the flavour deep into the food, as well as the heat being kept inside the kettle for an even cook. It’s Weber’s unique design and flavour inducing process that is the hallmark of the famous Weber Q cooking system.

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