ADF Linea 100 Duo Insert Inbuilt Wood Heater

Linea 100 Duo is all about contemporary lines and a strong sense of style. Expertly constructed by some of the world’s finest craftsman, ADF incorporates their heritage and time-honored tradition into every design.

The Linea 100 Duo provides a considerable 17kW of heat output. Exhibiting all the traits that come with every ADF fire, these elegant fires combine a simplistic linear design with a 5mm steel firebox lined with high density firebricks. This automatically insulates the combustion chamber to allow for a superior heat reflection.

Duel doors swing open for convenient reloading and showcase the stunning flames, and lively embers all whilst providing an enchanting ambiance. Acquiring an ADF wood burning fireplace isn’t simply ensuring a heating solution for your home; it is comfort, dependability, well-being and a work of art.

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Clean glass technology
30mm Flat Edge Frame
30mm Profi l Frame with 20mm Return
Automatic smoke outlet
Pre-regulation draught
Stainless Steel mechanism
Double-locking technology, more secure and with concealed design
Tangential fans - efficient and quiet
Wall mounted touch screen control pane
Dimensions (WxHxD)
1012 x 465 x 550
Heat Output (Nominal)
Approx. heat area
200 - 250 m2
Flue exit top fits to
Yes dual fan built-in
Hearth Dimensions - Thickness(Bellis Board or equivalent)
Hearth Dimensions (WxD)
1240 x 300

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