Arrow 1600 Inbuilt Wood Heater

Manufactured in Australia, the 1600 Arrow inbuilt wood heaters also come standard with performance-enhancing cast iron firebox liners and cast iron grates, plus the convenience of the easy to use ash pan, which means you need never let the fire go out.

The Arrow 1600 has a unique triple burn system that increases fuel efficiency and produces cleaner emissions. Cast iron firebox liners as standard. A solid, reliable and effective wood heater.


Satin Black
Heating capacity up to squares
25 squares
Particulate emissions (g/kg)
1.0 G/kg
Average heating efficiency
Average peak power (kw)
Fire box dimensions
698H x 556W x 335D
Overall dimensions
814H x 900W x 476D
Clearance to combustible materials (mm)
Rear Brick fire place only, Side 15 x Top 500
Hearth distance (mm)
Satin Black
Back of heater to centre of flume (mm)
Despatch weight (kg)

Curious to see if our heaters are the perfect fit for your home? Our team offers a complimentary, on-site assessment to ensure the ideal match for your needs.

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