HeatCharm I600 Series 8 Inbuilt Wood Heater

When you combine the latest technology in slow combustion heating with the elegance of a design that is timeless – you have the Series 8 : I-600 Inbuilt Wood heater. The efficient design and 3 speed fan will provide clean and safe warmth for up to 28 squares*.

Heating Capacity up to Squares
28 squares
Particulate Emissions (G/KG)
1.2 G/Kg
Average Heating Efficiency
Average Peak Power (kW)
Firebox Dimensions (mm)
630H x 800W x 530D
Overall Dimensions (mm)
707H x 997W x 541D
Clearance to Combustible (mm) Zero Clearance (Z/C)
Rear 25 (Z/C) X Side 25 X Top 220
Hearth Distance (mm)
Either side of door opening 200 X Front 400
Back of Heater to Centre of Flue (mm)
Weight (Kg)

Curious to see if our heaters are the perfect fit for your home? Our team offers a complimentary, on-site assessment to ensure the ideal match for your needs.

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