Heatstrip Max DC with Remote Radiant Infared Heater

With a unique dual element and reflector design, the NEW HEATSTRIP Max DCR range produces world class performance, when maximum heat output is needed.

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Available Range
Dual Carbon element technology and upgraded heat reflector design that delivers
maximum, world class heating performance.
The new remote control heater has 1-3 temperature settings and 1-24 hour timer control.
Anodised alloy components provide corrosion protection, even suitable for coastal
Easy installation with the brackets included. Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting.3600
model must be hardwired.
Commercial grade quality and construction, 2 years full replacement warranty.
Mounting Height Details
Minimum mounting height (including flush mount) 2.1m
Ideal mounting height (including flush mount) 2.2m – 2.5m
Maximum mounting height (including flush mount) 3.0m
Indoors Maximum mounting height (including flush mount) 3.5m
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