Service, Warranty & Privacy


Classic Fireplaces & BBQs Geelong has authorized service agents that are accredited and trained by all our heater manufacturers. Each supplier has procedures in place and they will ascertain whether the request for service is a warranty issue or an installation problem.

Our personnel will be happy to supply any information to our customers when dealing with suppliers. We will also as an extra part of service follow up with the supplier if there is an issue or dispute.

We can also recommend various service agents whether it be servicing, cleaning, or general maintenance required for both wood and gas heaters supplied by Classic Fireplaces & BBQs Geelong.


All heaters whether gas or wood are covered under the warranty clearly outlined in the suppliers brochure, the installation instructions on every heater purchased and also available online from the particular supplier.

Classic personnel will always clearly articulate to the customer at time of purchase of what componentry is covered by the limited supplier document.

Dependent on the supplier warranty periods can vary from 12 months to 10 years and all other componentry could be less.

This is clearly spelt out on the particular item purchased.

Classic Fireplaces & BBQs will endeavor to always give advice and follow up if there is a disputed warranty claim.


Classic Fireplaces & BBQs Geelong has always maintained a database of all clients and their purchases over the years, and it also includes serial numbers from the heater sold if applicable for warranty purposes.

On no account is any information divulged to a third party without the permission of the customer and the Directors of Classic Fireplaces & BBQs.

We seek permission from the client when entering their details on the database their email address whether they wish to receive promotional specials or events that may interest them by email and we respect their privacy if they do not wish to be informed.

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