The Best Wood Heaters

What is the Best Wood Heater for Your Home?

When the chill of winter creeps in, there's nothing quite like the warmth and ambiance of a wood heater to make your home a cosy haven. Choosing the right wood heater is not just about heat; it's about finding a blend of efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality that fits your space and lifestyle. We'll explore the best wood heaters available, covering a variety of needs from compact models for smaller spaces to powerful units capable of warming large areas. Whether you're looking for the latest in freestanding wood heater technology, Australian-made quality, or the most efficient wood heaters to keep your home toasty, we've got you covered.

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Best Overall Wood Heaters

When it comes to selecting a wood heater, the best overall options combine high efficiency, style, and the ability to meet the heating needs of your home. These models stand out for their performance, design, and user satisfaction:

Nectre N60C

The Nectre N60C stands out as a crowd favourite, boasting a tall, sleek design that has garnered awards. It offers versatility in appearance with the option of white tiled sides, curved sides, or the classic naked black sides, ensuring it complements any home’s interior design effortlessly. Its aesthetic appeal does not compromise its functionality, making it a top choice for those seeking both style and warmth. Find out more about the Nectre N60C here.

Jindara Tilga Freestanding

The Jindara Tilga Freestanding heaters embody the pinnacle of design and performance within the Jindara range. Featuring cast-iron lining, these wood heaters are as powerful as they are visually stunning, making them the perfect centrepiece for any home. Ideal for those who refuse to compromise on either aesthetics or functionality, the Jindara Tilga is a testament to superior heater design. Find out more about the Jindara Tilga Freestanding here.

Escea TFS1000

The Escea TFS1000 is a contemporary linear fireplace that combines modern aesthetics with the soul of a traditional fire. It features a large viewing window that seamlessly integrates the fire into your living space, offering an uninterrupted view of the flames. Equipped with Escea’s Direct Vent Technology and Smart Fan, it ensures efficient heating without drafts, smoke, or wasted heat. The option to add Escea’s range of plinths to your freestanding wood fireplace allows for further customisation to match your home’s style. Find out more about the Escea TFS1000 here.

Best Australian-made Wood Heaters

Proudly Australian, these wood heaters not only meet local standards for efficiency and emissions but also support the domestic industry. They are known for their robust construction, efficiency, and suitability for Australian homes.

Jindara Kimberley Freestanding

The Jindara Kimberley Freestanding heater is a testament to the enduring quality and warmth that Jindara Wood heating has provided for many years. Renowned for their reliability, these heaters feature cast-iron lining and a traditional design, ensuring your home remains a warm sanctuary during the cold winter months. The Kimberley models are celebrated for their durability and consistent performance, making them a trusted choice for Australian homes. Find out more about the Jindara Kimberley Freestanding here.

Coonara Medium

Experience the comfort of your living space heated by the Coonara Medium, an ultra-smooth and quiet freestanding wood heater renowned for its efficiency. Perfectly sized to fit most homes, it has the capacity to warm up to 25 squares, making it an ideal choice for medium to large spaces. The Coonara Medium combines the convenience of size with powerful heating capability, ensuring your home is cosy and warm without the bulk of larger units. Find out more about the Coonara Medium here.

Best Small Wood Heaters

Ideal for heating smaller spaces or as a supplementary heat source, these compact wood heaters offer efficiency and charm without taking up too much space.

Nectre N15

For those with limited space, the Nectre N15 emerges as the quintessential solution. Simple, classic, and remarkably compact, it boasts an impressive radiant heating capacity capable of warming up to 160m^2. Its design makes it a perfect addition to any corner, inviting you to grab a book and cosy up by the fire. The Nectre 15 redefines compact heating, providing a magical wood fire experience without the need for extensive space. Find out more about the Nectre N15 here.

Morso Classic 1440 Freestanding Fireplace

The Morso Classic 1440 is a testament to Morso's enduring expertise in cast iron heating, blending over 167 years of experience with contemporary technology and design. This model's convection process ensures rapid and even heat distribution, making it perfectly suited for small spaces. With a heat output of 6.8kW and an average efficiency of 72%, the 1440 combines the charm of traditional design with the benefits of modern fireplace technology. Find out more about the Morso Classic 1440 Freestanding Fireplace here.

Coonara Compact

Embodying the idea that great things come in small packages, the Coonara Compact freestanding wood heater is designed for smaller living spaces. It represents a significant milestone in compact wood heater design, offering both aesthetic appeal and the capability to comfortably warm living areas up to 10 squares. The Coonara Compact stands as a benchmark in the evolution of compact wood heaters, proving that size does not compromise warmth and comfort. Find out more about the Coonara Compact here.

Best Large Wood Heaters

For those with larger areas to heat, these wood heaters provide the power and capacity to keep your entire home warm, combining high heat output with efficiency.

Stovax Studio 2

The Stovax Studio 2 heaters bring the art of fire into your living space in a grand manner. Offering superb views of the flames, it shares the same high-performance firebox characteristics as the rest of the Studio range but adds the versatility of freestanding or insert installation options. Designed to be a striking feature, the Studio enhances widescreen wood burning visuals with a choice of styling options, making it a perfect match for large living spaces. Find out more about the Stovax Studio 2 here.

Vermont Castings Defiant

More than just a source of warmth, the Vermont Castings Defiant stove is a piece of timeless American craftsmanship. With a history that has landed the last original model in the Smithsonian, the Defiant is designed to stand against the coldest of winters. It combines convenience with efficiency; offering top-loading capabilities, an exclusive swing-out ash pan for easy cleaning, and thermostatically controlled combustion for longer burn times and even heating. Ideal for mid-sized to large rooms, the Defiant is a blend of historical elegance and modern functionality. Find out more about the Vermont Castings Defiant here.

Jindara Grange

The Jindara Grange series represents the pinnacle of the Jindara range, showcasing the perfect blend of beauty and power. These heaters, lined with cast iron, do not compromise on performance while serving as a visually stunning centrepiece in your home. Available in Freestanding, Insert, or Modular versions, the Grange series offers flexibility in addition to its exceptional heating capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a statement in larger spaces. Find out more about the Jindara Grange here.

Best Freestanding Wood Heaters

Freestanding wood heaters offer versatility in placement and often become the focal point of a room. These models are praised for their efficiency, design, and ease of installation.

Nectre Mk2 – Pedestal

The Nectre Mk2 on a pedestal is the epitome of compact efficiency combined with powerful heating capabilities. Designed to warm up to 185m^2 of living space, it's both beautifully compact and remarkably potent. With the option of freestanding legs or a pedestal base, the Mk2 can be tailored to match the aesthetics of any room, making it a versatile choice for those looking to blend warmth with style. Find out more about the Nectre Mk2 – Pedestal here.

Blaze B905

The Blaze B905, a bench-mounted convection wood heater, stands as a sleek and stylish statement piece for any larger living area. Its design not only emphasises modern aesthetics but also offers efficient heating for your space. The B905 model is an ideal choice for those seeking a heater that combines functionality with a contemporary look, ensuring your living space remains both warm and visually appealing. Find out more about the Blaze B905 here.

Coonara Settler C600

Introducing the Settler C600 Ranch, the latest addition to the Coonara family, designed to blend seamlessly into any home with its stylish appearance. Capable of heating up to 30 squares of open plan living, this heater is not just about warmth but also about adding a touch of elegance to your home. The C600 Ranch represents a perfect combination of style and functionality, making it an excellent choice for those looking to heat larger spaces without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Find out more about the Coonara Settler C600 here.

Best Inbuilt Wood Heaters

For a seamless look that integrates with your home's architecture, inbuilt wood heaters are the way to go. These options are efficient, space-saving, and aesthetically pleasing.

Jindara Riverina

The Jindara Riverina is ingeniously designed to transform your old, draughty open fireplace into a source of efficient warmth. With its practical dimensions, the Riverina can be integrated into nearly any existing fireplace setup, making it a versatile choice for enhancing your home’s warmth without extensive renovations. It’s perfect for those looking to upgrade their heating system with minimal fuss. Find out more about the Jindara Riverina here.

Blaze B520

The Blaze B520 is tailored for modern homes, featuring a minimalistic frame that complements contemporary design. It can be installed into a full masonry cavity or used with an optional zero clearance kit, offering flexibility in installation to suit your specific needs. The B520 is a testament to modern heating technology, designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of any modern living space. Find out more about the Blaze B520 here.

Coonara Settler i500

Elevate your fireplace with the stylish Coonara Settler i500, capable of heating up to 22 squares. It not only enhances the look of your fireplace but also ensures optimum warmth with features like a large self-cleaning viewing window, cast iron liners, and a 3-speed fan. The Settler i500 combines functionality with elegance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to improve their home heating system while maintaining a sophisticated interior design. Find out more about the Coonara Settler i500 here.

Most Efficient Wood Heaters

Efficiency is key when choosing a wood heater, as it affects both the environment and your heating costs. These models are at the top of their class, offering superior wood heating energy efficiency.

Heatilator WS18

The Heatilator WS18 stands out for its efficiency in slow combustion wood burning, providing consistent warmth and comfort to your home. Its easy operation and maintenance are matched by the durability of its steel construction and brick-lined firebox, ensuring long-lasting heat delivery. This model exemplifies efficiency not just in heating performance but also in its build quality, promising years of reliable service. Find out more about the Heatilator WS18 here.

Nectre Mk1

Renowned for its powerful and robust heating capability, the Nectre Mk1 combines radiant warmth with a classic design. Its versatility makes it a fitting addition to both traditional and contemporary spaces, offering timeless charm alongside impressive heating performance. The Mk1's efficiency in warming spaces is matched by its enduring design, appealing to those who value both form and function in their heating choices. Find out more about the Nectre Mk1 here.

Jindara Tilga Freestanding

The Jindara Tilga Freestanding heater embodies the pinnacle of efficiency and design in the Jindara range. With its cast-iron lining and stunning aesthetics, it offers an ideal combination for those seeking a heater that doesn't compromise on performance or appearance. Its efficient heating capability ensures that beauty and functionality go hand in hand, making the Tilga a perfect centrepiece for any home looking for efficient warmth with style. Find out more about the Jindara Tilga Freestanding here.


Wrapping Up: Find Your Perfect Wood Heater Today

Choosing the right wood heater can transform your winter experience, turning your home into a warm and inviting space. With options ranging from small and efficient units perfect for cosy nooks to powerful models capable of heating large spaces, there's a wood heater to suit every need and preference. Consider your space, heating requirements, and aesthetic preferences to find the perfect model for your home. For expert advice and a wide range of options, visit Classic Fireplace & Barbeques. Let us help you find the best wood heater to keep your home warm and welcoming all winter long.

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