DN1150 Peninsula

Experience the efficient warmth and ambience of flames from every angle with the new DN1150 Peninsula Gas Fireplace.

With three sides of glass and a sleek frameless design, use its contemporary shape to visually connect different zones within an open plan room, or create a cosy corner off to one side.

But its shape isn’t the only interesting thing about this fireplace – flexible flue technology allows you to put this fire in most places around the home, while its Zero Clearance rating gives you more surround options to choose from – so you can truly imagine this fireplace, any place.

Complete Connection
Room Sealed Design
Walk into Warmth
TV Right Above
Truly Frameless
Design Freedom
Surround Choice
Max Energy Input
33 MJ/h
Gas Type
Natural Gas or Propane or ULPG
Approx. Appliance Size [mm]
1288w x 795h x 380d
Viewable Glass Size [mm]
1056w x 394h x 285d
Star Rating
Fuel Bed Options
River Rock, White Coals, Black Coals, Traditional Logs, Woodland Selection, Crystalight – Black or White
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