Arrow Woodheaters

Since introduction in 1981, Arrow woodheaters have set the benchmark for solid, reliable, effective wood heating that is timeless.

Continuing product development has seen significant improvements in performance, efficiency and low emissions. Arrow’s enduring traditional styling and rugged heavy- duty construction ensures years of unparalleled heating performance in a very practical manner.

Greater Warmth

Arrow woodheaters are unique. The fully welded steel plate firebox is fitted with performance enhancing cast iron liners for greater heat retention in the firebox and transfer of heated air into the home.

Optimum Efficiency

Arrow woodheaters have a 3-way air induction system to the firebox that provides for a complete burn of the fuel for optimum heat output. This 3-way air system also improves combustion even when the fuel is less than ideal. The standard 3 speed fan ensures maximum heat distribution, effectively heating your home.

Arrow Freestanding Heater

Arrow freestanding heaters are available in two sizes and performance levels that cater for homes up to 350 square metres.

Arrow 1800 Freestander

Arrow 2400 Freestander

Arrow 1600 Inbuilt

Arrow 2000 Inbuilt

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